Ownership is New Business Model for Credit Unions, and It’s Who We Are.

Ownership changes everything.

CU*South is a CUSO — a Credit Union Service Provider. We believe the way forward for our industry is partnership, networking and collaboration; combining our strengths to make the finest and most comprehensive services and technology available to all credit unions regardless of size.

Our member-owners not only use the most comprehensive, fully integrated core platform in the credit union industry — they direct its development. This means real users and credit union decision makers determine the features and enhancements they need to make their credit unions thrive.

Member-owners also have access to the powerful CU*BASE Member Analytics — easy to use dashboards and integrated marketing. These tools allow our credit unions to see their members as never before, so they can better retain members and attract new ones with targeted services and marketing that meet their members’ needs.

CU*South is a proud member of the cuasterisk.com network, the nation’s largest network of CUSOs, made up of:

            • Over 600 credit unions
            • Over 150 CUSO owners
            • Over $37B in assets
            • Over 6,000,000 members

In addition to making our outstanding, integrated CU*BASE core platform affordable for credit unions of all sizes, this powerful network allows our member-owners to expand services while reducing expenses.

CU*South is committed to the credit union movement, and serving members. That’s why we deliberately chose a business model that would allow us to be a partner, and not just a vendor.


About Leo Vaulin

I've worked with credit unions for 32 years - starting as a programmer, then forming my own company, and most recently, converting that company to a CUSO to share the ownership opportunities with our credit unions. I write, I consult - and I still love to program!
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