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We’ve compiled our “most asked” topics into one area for our clients and prospective clients.

Docs and Information about CU*Base Gold:

 The Kitchen – We’re always cooking up new ideas here in the Kitchen and we’d like to share some of our current recipes with you.

CU*BASE Reference – This section lists topical reference booklets, each covering a specific area of the CU*BASE system. In addition to the information that’s in our online help, these documents are another great way to get up to speed on a new CU*BASE tool or application.

CU*BASE Gold Help – This is our live, searchable help system. (Remember, it’s also accessible from within every screen of the program as well as defines each field.)

Release Summaries – The last 12 years of release summaries for the software. Our updates are free.

On-Demand Video Training

Due Diligence in Evaluation:
AuditLink Risk Management Report Generator

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I've worked with credit unions for 32 years - starting as a programmer, then forming my own company, and most recently, converting that company to a CUSO to share the ownership opportunities with our credit unions. I write, I consult - and I still love to program!
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