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Collections Services

Save the Member and the Loan

Collections by Objective

Collections by Objective (CBO) services are a cost-efficient solution to manage credit union collections efforts. We partner with you to fill the gaps when you are shorthanded, need policy and procedure clarification, or prefer to outsource the collections management. Trust our experienced team of collectors to seamlessly work as an extension of your staff to recover outstanding loans while repairing the relationship with the member.

100% of our credit unions experience a significant reduction in delinquencies and charge-offs in the first year of partnering with CBO.

Start Your Collection Process Assessment

Collection Services

Listen to Credit Union Members

We make member relationships a priority, evaluating and approaching member situations with dignity and compassion.

Reduce Delinquencies & Charge-Offs

Expect follow-up early and often to recoup delinquent loans and get the member back in good standing.

Consulting & Training Services

Streamline the Collection Process

Let our experts partner with your staff to conduct a Collection Process Assessment. Get access to tools to help with policy evaluations, procedural recommendations, profitability reviews, in-depth training for collectors, strategic planning, and much more.