CU*BASE Back Office workflow gives you tools to remove redundant processes, and the ability to drill down to the information you need.

• Automated Balancing of General Ledger & Trial Balance

• Budgeting and Modelling Built-in

• 5300 Call Report Tools

• Investment Management

• Fixed Asset Managed and Tracking

• Prepaid and Accrued Expenses

• Accounts Payable and Vendor Management

• Automated CU Check Reconciliation

• Streamlined ACH, Share Draft, & Debit Card Dashboards – drill-down to individual card activity detail

• Over 600 pre-programmed reports, plus a built-in report writer

• The flexibility to run reports “as of” a given date – yesterday, last month, or 12 months ago

• Easy Export Options take data from your dashboards and move it to PDF, Excel, or CSV files

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