2014 Visionary Conference & Annual Meeting

CU*SOUTH extends a warm Deep South welcome to our 2014 Visionary Conference and Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA, September 23 through 25!

Take a “Walk in your Members’ Shoes.” As a financial products and services provider, you’re constantly competing for attention. Between industry pressures and members’ expectations, we must transform what we do and how we do it, all based on where our members are taking us. Finding ways to be in front of members – in their wallets with your debit cards and credit cards; on their cellphones with mobile web and text banking; and as an internet retailer – is more important than ever.

Between strategic planning, marketing and collections breakout classes, to a general session on where CU*BASE tools can take your credit union and its members, we hope that our network’s second major user conference of the year will prove useful for you and your team.

Conference Materials:

 Powerpoint Presentation Part 1: The Vision

 Powerpoint Presentation Part 2: Walking in Your Members Shoes

 Powerpoint Presentation Part 3: The Tipping Point

 Powerpoint Presentation Part 4: Big Data

Additional Handouts:

 The Cost Of Compliance Contest

 CU*BASE Tiered Scoring Business Plan

 Virtual Strongbox

 Imaging Solutions – eDocuments

 Performing Due Diligence on Archived Images in Your iDoc Vault

 DynaCash Brochure

 Developing an Online and Mobile Persona

 Automated Membership Opening

 Automated Membership Opening Survey

 Self Service Branding Options in ItsMe247

 Smart Offer Tests

 OnDot Solutions with Vantiv

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