CU*South’s Managed Services Department features a highly effective collections team  that produces results without sacrificing your member relationships.

And unlike the majority of collections services, CU*SOUTH’s Managed Collections service takes NO percentage of recovered monies — 100% is returned to your credit union.

CU*SOUTH’s Lending and Collections Manager Rebecca Weemes has over thirty years in the collection and underwriting business.  “I can help your credit union and staff both retain clientele and secure higher profits, with diplomacy and professionalism.  Managed Services focuses on solving credit problems before they evolve; this process is inherently more cost effective.”

Weemes uses a multi-tiered approach to lead her team. Early assessment and contact, tools and training, and integration with CU*BASE are combined with a true effort to understand your member’s individual situation.  Additionally, Weemes’ Collections team can shore up your underwriting and collections procedures, and train your staff in the best practices of collections management. 

With both packaged services or ala-carte options, The Managed Service Collection team is ready to help you receive the benefit of third party intervention at a fraction of the cost.

To find out how your credit union can see reduced delinquency and a more efficient bottom line, contact Becky Weemes and the Collections Managed Services Team today!

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