It’s Me 247 Online Banking

It’s Me 247 Online BankingIt’s Me 247 Online Banking is the new, completely redesigned, full-featured Online Banking solution. Coupled with new features and an added security layer, Personal Internet Branch (PIB), your member’s online banking experience is taken to a whole new level. The look and feel has changed dramatically, but the Member Service features such as opening accounts and applying for membership on line are still supporting your credit union with eBranch strategy. Once established as an online banking, self-service member, financial transactions are conducted in a safe and confidential environment.

Why It’s Me 247 Online Banking?

Because your credit union is available to your members even when you’re not there! Your members are owners. So whether visiting the credit union online or in a branch lobby, your members are reflected in the credit union. With built-in security and personalization features, It’s Me 247 Online Banking lets your members access their accounts anyplace, anytime when It’s convenient for them.

Take a Video Tour of It’s Me 247!

Want to check out It’s Me 247 but you don’t have an account?  Watch our Video Tour of It’s Me 247.  During the tour you’ll be introduced to the Online Banking features and get to see the product’s look and feel yourself.  In the video we transfer money and even open an account online.

Click here to view the Video Tour

Try It Out Yourself!

Taken the tour, but want to try it out yourself?  Use our practice account to check out the It’s Me 247 on your own.  Or maybe you just want to dive in and check out this new Online Banking experience for yourself.  The account numbers you can use are 1782, 2007, 3910. For all accounts, use the 123456 (for the password) and test (as the answer for all security questions).

Click here to use a practice account online.

Read All About It!

Interested in reading more about the features in It’s Me 247? Click on the link below to open a PDF full of information on features, marketing information, and pricing.

Click here to view the Its Me 247 Online Banking Brochure

Online Help Available

Online help is a standard feature for It’s Me 247. The online help includes a section of Frequently Asked Questions about It’s Me 247, as well as tips for opening new accounts online, personalizing your account, and security features. Use this full-featured resource to answer any questions you may have about using the product!

Click here to view the Online Help

View the promotional It’s Me 247 Online Banking Commercial right here!

With It’s Me 247 Online Banking, members can keep in touch with their credit union accounts any time, from any place! All your members need is a computer with an Internet connection. They can use It’s Me 247 Online Banking to check balances, transfer money, and stay connected with your credit union accounts around the clock.

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