CU*SOUTH apologizes for the interruptions and issues with bill pay programs over the past week. Our CUSO network has some major projects for improving payment processing, and these interruptions and short-term issues were an unintended consequence of our work towards these objectives:

  1. Add more bill pay vendors to the CU*BASE / “It’s Me 247” native user interface (UI)

When we first showed the native integration of our mobile app with Payveris, credit unions who had contracts with iPay asked us to develop a similar capability.   

Release 19.05 set the groundwork for next month’s deployment of a native UI option for iPay. If you’re using iPay, you’ll have a choice of keeping your single-sign-on (SSO) capability from inside It’s Me 247 to iPay’s system – or the option of integrating iPay directly into IM247, with the same look-and-feel of the native UI.  

Last week, we started running this second platform with iPay. Unfortunately, the two iPay environments had a conflict and caused the service for mobile bill pay via iPay to be offline for an extended period of time. We apologize for the inconvenience this caused your members.   

  1. To create multiple bill pay vendor integration and support

We’re building a model where credit unions can offer multiple bill pay vendors to their members at the same time.

This will help CUs plan for conversions, mergers and aggregation programs. For example, if you’re planning to merge in a CU on iPay, but you’re using Payveris for your members, you’ll be able to avoid a large contract cancellation fee and reduce the pressure of transitioning the merged members to a new solution.

What if you’re on iPay, but would like to offer members the P2P option offered by Payveris? You’ll be able to selectively turn on that option without disrupting your existing iPay solution.   

Last week, we installed new programs for a standard communication approach for all our bill pay vendor integrations – and this caused short-term issues with member email notifications and bill pay fees, for which we apologize.  

I am grateful for the credit unions who have championed these changes. I love their vision of offering members a choice. I appreciate your patience as we work to create this new capability.  

Thank you!

– Leo