Peer Analysis

For years CU*SOUTH has helped its clients develop their own potential through many different training and networking opportunities. To promote this style of networking and build an information base for credit unions to use in considering, planning, and using CU*BASE products, we present the CU*BASE Peer Analysis. Use this guide to check out what features your peers are using, and get ideas about new features you might want to pursue in the future.

peer analysis 2015 cover

Open the 2015 Peer Analysis

The Peer Analysis also includes information on accessing and using the Learn from a Peer tools available on the CU*BASE platform. As we continue to expand on the survey and research capabilities of Learn from a Peer, we hope credit unions will continue to use them to help determine the best course of action for their credit union, as well as to collaborate with others in the network to provide the best offering to members.

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