A Different Vendor Model


As a member-owner of CU*SOUTH, it’s our priority to make your investment one of the credit union’s main assets. Every credit union client is entitled to purchase a share, ensuring that all credit unions have an equal voice and participation in the CUSO, regardless of size.

Because we are owned by our clients, CU*SOUTH operates as a partner, rather than a vendor.  This collaborative arrangement allows you to focus on your membership and the success of your credit union. Our member-owners direct us as an extension of their own staff in the development and design of core software and services that speak directly to the needs of the credit union.

Working together, member-owners and CU*SOUTH grow and strengthen individual credit unions through this process, and also support and build the credit union industry as a whole.

The challenges facing the industry today are so extreme that they prompt some credit unions, and most vendors, to circle their own wagons and compete against each other, using yesterday’s strategies to protect the bottom line.

CU*SOUTH doesn’t see it that way.

We firmly believe that those of who believe in, and support, the mission of the credit union industry will find success by combining talents and abilities in a vibrant and cohesive whole through a member-owned CUSO. Then we find that the challenges of today are really opportunities to grow a new and better way to go forward tomorrow.

Is it time that you became a member-owner in the CU*SOUTH CUSO? Ownership lowers your costs and grows your membership, as well as supporting and building the credit union industry. 




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