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Savannah Schools FCU Selects CU*South as Core Data Processor

CU*South announced that Savannah Schools FCU has selected the credit-union owned CUSO as its core processing and member services delivery partner. With a conversion scheduled for early 2016, CU*South and Savannah Schools FCU (SSFCU) are already busy planning this exciting transition. Located in Savannah, Ga., Savannah Schools was founded in 1954 as the Chatham County […]

CU*SOUTH Signs Core Processing Agreement with Calhoun-Liberty Employees CU

BLOUNTSTOWN, FL, March 6, 2015 – Calhoun-Liberty Employees CU (CLECU) is the latest Florida credit union to select CU*SOUTH as its core processing and services partner. With a conversion scheduled for later this spring, CU*SOUTH and Calhoun-Liberty Employees CU are already busy planning this exciting transition.

Based in the Florida panhandle southwest of Tallahassee, CLECU serves the residents of Calhoun and Liberty counties. The credit union operates two branches, one on each side of the time line between the Eastern and Central zones.

“It was the references from other credit unions that led us to believe CU*SOUTH will help us best serve our members,” said CLECU’s CEO Thomas Flowers.

“We’re excited to welcome Calhoun-Liberty Employees CU into our CUSO network,” continued CU*SOUTH CEO Leo Vaulin. “We’re building a collaborative software and service model that’s owned by credit unions – and was designed by credit unions. I’m very happy to hear that our credit union peers recommended us to Mr. Flowers; and I respect the important role that CLECU plays in the lives of the citizens of Liberty and Calhoun counties.”

With only a few months before conversion, Mr. Flowers and his team are readily anticipating the change.

“We’ve been using the same core for almost 30 years,” said Mr. Flowers. “We’re looking forward to utilizing the entire platform’s functionality and moving from a bag phone era to the iPhone 6 era. As technology has grown and improved, we feel that we should offer that same level of fast, quick and cost-effective service to our membership.”

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ANECA FCU Selects CU*SOUTH as Core Data Processor

SHREVEPORT, LA, March 3, 2015 – CU*SOUTH is proud to announce its third conversion for 2015, ANECA FCU in Shreveport, La.

Founded in 1939, the credit union’s underlying mission has been to serve its members’ financial needs and – in turn – bolster their quality of life. Initially, ANECA provided services to select employee groups like AT&T and CenterPoint Energy. Seventy-five years later, ANECA successfully extended its mission to offer membership to a community charter embracing Bossier, Caddo or DeSoto Parishes in northwest Louisiana.

With assets of over $105 million, ANECA’s CEO Stephanie Sievers is not new to the CU*BASE® platform. As former CEO of St. Joseph’s Broadmoor FCU – also in Shreveport – Sievers oversaw that credit union’s transition to CU*SOUTH.

“CU*SOUTH was inspired by the passion and energy that Stephanie brought to her credit union – so we offered St. Joseph’s Broadmoor FCU a Small CU Growth Scholarship program – the very first such scholarship we’ve ever done,” says CU*SOUTH CEO Leo Vaulin. “Our scholarship turned out to be a terrific investment in the future – of two credit unions!”

When it was time for ANECA to begin its core search, Sievers knew what mattered most to her credit union.

“We started with the question, ‘What can you do for our members?’” says Sievers. “A simple question, but nearly impossible for most of the vendors we evaluated to answer. We were not focused on improving the lives of our thirty employees, we were focused on improving the lives of our thousands of members. Leo and the CU*SOUTH team were the only ones to understand what we were trying to accomplish. I am overjoyed to be back in the CU*SOUTH family and we are all excited by what the future holds for us now.”

The credit union says its continued success is largely due to sound business decisions and an avoidance of risky loans and investments. Its achievements allow ANECA to solidify its place in its members’ lives, and it regularly participates in or holds community events like fall festivals, Facebook contests and attends young professional networking opportunities.

“I look at the way credit unions like ANECA FCU – as well as Elements FCU – are transforming their interaction with members, and I’m convinced that I’m looking at the future of our industry,” says Mr. Vaulin. “Their message to members is clear – this is not traditional banking where we set rules for you to follow. Tell us what you want to achieve, and we’ll work with you to get it done. It’s about serving a market of one – one member interaction at a time.”

CU*SOUTH looks forward to continued partnership with Ms. Sievers, as well as reaching a whole new member sector through collaboration with her ANECA FCU employees.

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Who is the “CU” in CU*South?

CU*South TV presents a look into the credit unions that are the ‘CU’ in CU*South. This video was debuted at CU*South’s Visionary Conference and Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA. on September 21, 2014.

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CU*SOUTH Converts Newark Firemen FCU to CU*BASE® Core

Newark Firemen FCU (NFFCU) has completed their conversion to the CU*BASE GOLD core platform with CU*SOUTH. With the lights of Manhattan shining across the Passaic River, Newark Firemen FCU serves over 2,100 members with $18M in assets. Organized in 1940, NFFCU was chartered to serve the firefighters of the City of Newark, as well as […]