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CU*SOUTH is proud to offer a variety of sessions and topics during this year’s Visionary Conference. Check out the Agenda and Select the Sessions you plan to attend here: 


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CU*SOUTH Responds to Severe Flooding in Louisiana and Texas

In response to severe flooding in Louisiana and Texas, CU*SOUTH has activated the CUSO’s Event Response Team (ERT) to support credit unions and members in the affected areas.
Headquartered on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay, CU*SOUTH is no stranger to providing disaster recovery and business continuity services.
Support is not limited to current CU*SOUTH clients. “We learned an important lesson in 2005,” says Leo Vaulin. “When CU members need help, you do everything you can to make sure everyone is taken care of. After Katrina, we learned how to work across core platforms to provide support. Our ERT Team is working to help as many people as we can.”
“Katrina really drove home the message of how critical it is to find ways of reaching your members when they need you the most,” Vaulin adds. “We worked with credit unions who had lost their offices, their phones, their access to the core data – and their members had been forced to evacuate far from home. That’s when you really start to think about how many different methods you might use to re-establish that connection with your members, and start offering them the support they need. One of the first steps CU*SOUTH’s Event Response Team takes is to form a clearinghouse for information.”
Regardless of core affiliation, “Our CUSO Services Team and CUSO Development Teams started collecting information,” says CU*SOUTH COO Derrick Smith. “We identified credit unions who weren’t able to open their branches, or who were operating with a reduced staff because roads were blocked, or employees were busy filling sandbags to protect their homes and their communities. We identified which shared branching outlets were open, and what ATM’s were accessible in the area.”
Credit Union social media platforms are also critical in a crisis event; they often become the fastest way to spread the word about immediate resources and ongoing efforts, for after the water recedes and cleanup begins.
“We worked with credit unions to set up special loan categories for flood victims – including bridge loans to assist with relief while insurance claims can be settled,” says Mr. Smith. “And, we’re working with CU’s to get the word out about relief – some CEO’s called special Board meetings to authorize new loan products – in less than 24 hours, these loans were available for instant approval via web and mobile apps.”

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VC 2016 Room Reservations

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Don’t forget to reserve your rooms for this year’s Visionary Conference and Annual Meeting.

Reserve your room with our group conference rates here: 

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US Virgin Islands CU Grows Member Services with CU*SOUTH

Eager to embrace state-of-the-art technology as part of their strategy to grow membership and enhance services, Frederiksted FCU in the U.S. Virgin Islands has selected the comprehensive, forward-looking CU*BASE core platform and managed services provided by the CU*SOUTH CUSO. Frederiksted … Continue reading

2016 Visionary Conference Open for Registration

CU*SOUTH’s 2016 Visionary Conference and Annual Meeting is scheduled for September 20th & 21st in Orange Beach, AL. Sign up today!


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