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MUNA FCU Extends Core Contract with CU*SOUTH

CU*SOUTH announced that MUNA FCU in Meridian, Mississippi, had extended its core data processing services agreement for a second term. MUNA FCU is an owner of the CU*SOUTH CUSO, and MUNA’s CEO, Bo Pittman, serves on the CUSO’s Board of Directors.

Mr. Pittman said, “For a small credit union like MUNA FCU, having the array of products available, at an affordable price, allows us to provide services on par with the larger institutions.  We are the only financial institution in Meridian, Mississippi that offers text banking which is an excellent tool for college students and newlyweds.  CU*BASE is such a robust software, enabling us both time and cost savings as we don’t have search for and purchase add-ons to perform at the level of competitor financial institutions.  With integrated products, such as mobile banking, we are empowered to keep pace in the market at minimal expense to our membership.”

“Bo Pittman and MUNA FCU have been a great success story for CU*SOUTH,” said CU*SOUTH Director of CUSO Development Starla Honea. “The credit union implemented the tiered member rewards program built into our CU*BASE® core platform; this has helped increase member wallet share and encourage PFI behavior.”

Another element in MUNA’s success is the addition of holiday loans. “We see a huge spike in loan applications between Oct 11 and Nov 10—on some days, the CU processes 15 times the average number of loan applications,” said Ms. Honea. “The staff relies on the loan origination software in CU*BASE to get these applications approved and disbursed quickly. Members are happy, and the CU books more new loans that month than they do the rest of the year.”

“MUNA has done an outstanding job of providing financial services in an economically-challenged region,” said CU*SOUTH CEO Leo Vaulin. “Their holiday loans offer a member-friendly alternative to the predatory lenders, and their focus on developing a sense of ownership in their members helps them build a truly cooperative financial institution.”

Pictured above is Leo Vaulin, CEO of CU*SOUTH and Bo Pittman, CEO of MUNA FCU. 

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Southern Gas FCU Expands Horizons with CU*SOUTH


Credit unions today must be able to compete with the big banks by offering products and services that enable broader access to a diverse selection of member services. Through its new partnership with CU*SOUTH, a CUSO, Southern Gas Federal Credit Union is expanding its reach by offering more services such as online account opening, remote loan closing, bill pay, text banking and custom branded mobile apps – and still decrease overall cost.

Tina Plante, CEO of Southern Gas FCU states, “We are so excited to be part of the CU*SOUTH family. We chose CU*SOUTH not only because of their products and services, but because we wanted a partner who truly believes in the Credit Union philosophy of “people helping people.” Being a part of a Credit Union Service Organization gives our credit union monetary advantages not only in overall core processing services, but also by leveraging the buying power of a network of over 260 credit unions sharing resources, building network partnerships, and collectively contracting other vendors. The industry leading toolsets and resources CU*SOUTH provides will now allow us to streamline and automate time consuming and expensive tasks. Southern Gas can now focus more on our members and less on our processes.”

“Thanks to our close cooperation with our credit union partners and owners, CU*SOUTH was able to offer Southern Gas FCU a complete, integrated solution that includes both core and much more – everything the credit union needs to gain memberships and loans in a rapidly-evolving market,” says CU*SOUTH Director of CUSO Development Starla Honea. “Our mission is to empower our credit unions to grow; as a CUSO, we can do this through a collaborative pricing model that does away with the per-module costs that non-CUSO vendors inflict on credit unions.  With CU*SOUTH, credit unions can add new product and services without having to take the risk of budgeting an up-front cost for a new component – it’s already in our standard offering.”

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VC 2016 Select My Sessions


CU*SOUTH is proud to offer a variety of sessions and topics during this year’s Visionary Conference. Check out the Agenda and Select the Sessions you plan to attend here: 


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CU*SOUTH Responds to Severe Flooding in Louisiana and Texas

In response to severe flooding in Louisiana and Texas, CU*SOUTH has activated the CUSO’s Event Response Team (ERT) to support credit unions and members in the affected areas.
Headquartered on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay, CU*SOUTH is no stranger to providing disaster recovery and business continuity services.
Support is not limited to current CU*SOUTH clients. “We learned an important lesson in 2005,” says Leo Vaulin. “When CU members need help, you do everything you can to make sure everyone is taken care of. After Katrina, we learned how to work across core platforms to provide support. Our ERT Team is working to help as many people as we can.”
“Katrina really drove home the message of how critical it is to find ways of reaching your members when they need you the most,” Vaulin adds. “We worked with credit unions who had lost their offices, their phones, their access to the core data – and their members had been forced to evacuate far from home. That’s when you really start to think about how many different methods you might use to re-establish that connection with your members, and start offering them the support they need. One of the first steps CU*SOUTH’s Event Response Team takes is to form a clearinghouse for information.”
Regardless of core affiliation, “Our CUSO Services Team and CUSO Development Teams started collecting information,” says CU*SOUTH COO Derrick Smith. “We identified credit unions who weren’t able to open their branches, or who were operating with a reduced staff because roads were blocked, or employees were busy filling sandbags to protect their homes and their communities. We identified which shared branching outlets were open, and what ATM’s were accessible in the area.”
Credit Union social media platforms are also critical in a crisis event; they often become the fastest way to spread the word about immediate resources and ongoing efforts, for after the water recedes and cleanup begins.
“We worked with credit unions to set up special loan categories for flood victims – including bridge loans to assist with relief while insurance claims can be settled,” says Mr. Smith. “And, we’re working with CU’s to get the word out about relief – some CEO’s called special Board meetings to authorize new loan products – in less than 24 hours, these loans were available for instant approval via web and mobile apps.”

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VC 2016 Room Reservations

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Don’t forget to reserve your rooms for this year’s Visionary Conference and Annual Meeting.

Reserve your room with our group conference rates here: 

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