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Our Story & Philosophies

We Help Grow Credit Unions

As part of the network with a community of over 362 credit union partners across 42 states, and as a 100% credit union-owned CUSO, CU*SOUTH was founded in July 2006, with a mission to grow credit unions. Our goal is to be the leading source of solutions that empower our credit union community to be heroes for their 2.8 million members by way of offering our all-in-one core software system, as well as staffing support for such areas as accounting, collections, and IT.

We believe the way forward for our industry is partnership, networking and collaboration; combining our strengths to make the finest and most comprehensive services and technology available to all credit unions regardless of size.

CU*SOUTH is committed to the credit union movement, and serving members. That’s why we deliberately chose a business model that would allow us to be a partner, and not just a vendor.

We firmly believe that those of who believe in, and support, the mission of the credit union industry will find success by combining talents and abilities in a vibrant and cohesive whole through our member-owned CUSO. From our partnerships we find the challenges of today are really opportunities to grow a new and better way forward tomorrow.

The CUSO Ownership Model

Become a Part of the Next Generation of Member Service Technology

At CU*SOUTH, we consistently listen to our credit unions, invite their CEOs to help lead us, and ask credit union employees to collaborate with us to create the best experience for members.

  • CU*SOUTH is a 100% Credit Union-owned CUSO, governed by a Board of Directors elected at our Annual Meetings
  • Like your credit union, our model is “one-credit union, one-vote” to ensure owners have equal control
  • We limit share ownership to 10 shares per credit union
  • Alignment — 100% of your cost stays within the credit union movement. It is an investment in building a cooperative; not a strategy to enrich banking software vendors aligned with the priorities of Wall Street or private investors.
  • Governance — Owners serve on the Board of Directors and strategic advisory councils, setting the direction of our software and services

Interested in Becoming a Shareholder of CU*SOUTH?

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